2015 has been a wonderful year, life has just continued as normal however I have been happy and gained lots of memories shared with family and friends. I have been extremely fortunate throughout my life so far and I am eagerly awaiting the year ahead with open arms, with already a number of exciting things to look forward: I am off to Las Vegas to visit my sister and one of closest friends is getting married to name a few. I spent New Years surrounded by friends and copious amounts of Prossecco and I welcomed the New Year with plenty of laughter and throwback music, Ronan Keating is always a winnernew years.

I wasn’t going to make any resolutions this year, as if I am honest I don’t tend to stick to them. Although a small part of my previous resolutions are  a continual part of my life, I do tend to throw myself into things a lot more. I don’t really beat myself up about them as life is way to short to focus on the things you didn’t do, but it is important to sometimes take a leap of faith and do something out of your comfort zone. I had a conversation with my mum just after christmas in which she encouraged me to write a few resolutions down, then she will do the same, and  together we can encourage each other with them. So I thought I would share a few of mine with you. Hopefully encouraging others to have a think of a few resolutions they may want to focus on, or just offer some inspiration to add to your already completed list.

  1. Save Money: This is a massive one for me, so many things I want to save money for, and if not for anything in particular, just to get my grown up life together. I’m off to Vegas in the summer so lots of money for that would be just great, I’ve already promised my nephew trips to toy shops and water parks, and I am a sucker for spoiling both of them. But also for the grown up stuff like house deposits and money for rainy days, blah blah blah… but i suppose very exciting once I have enough money together.
  2. Worry Less: I’m a chronic worrier. I worry about big things, small things, things that haven’t happened, things that have and things that are pretty non existent. Ok…so I’m not that bad but I do worry. I spend to much time over thinking things I cannot change. This year I am going to make a conscious effort to stick my middle finger up to anything that is wasting my brain space and I think I will find making decisions a lot easier.
  3. Blog More: I love my blog a lot a lot, but often find I take on to much and it can take a back seat. Once a week I will upload, I’ve already bought a rather adorable little notebook to plan all my posts and try and become more organised, organisation is my weak spot.
  4. Fitness: I used to be a little gym bunny and my health and fitness was so important to me. This year I have slipped into a rut and have always had an excuse to not do something. I want to change this. I am constantly tired and lacking in energy, stuck in a rut of work, food and netflix, with a bit of uni work thrown in for good measure.

I would love to hear some of yours so please share, as I am constantly seeking inspiration.

Love EveHari


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