The Big Knit


Who doesn’t love a chunky jumper in the winter, I certainly do and I know I am not alone. This one was given to me as a gift for christmas and I have pretty much lived in it since. I just love the colour, I don’t have anything in this shade of charcole but just like good old trusty black and white, it is extremely versatile. I particularly love it with my skin tone and I have found it to be an extremely flattering piece on me.


I accessorised with my trusty satchel from Accessorize and some white (not quite white anymore) plimsoles from h&m, and some navy tartan leggings from New Look, I don’t believe these are available any more as I got them over a year ago. Non the less there our alternatives all over the place at the moment. I stole the parka from my boyfriend, its a bit oversized and incredibly comfy. I find I raid his wardrobe a lot, it’s pretty much an extension of mine…not sure he would agree.


Shop the look

Parka – Topman

Roll Neck Knit – Asos

Leggings – New Look

Bag – Accessorize

I couldn’t find exact products but I have tried to recreate it with some lovely substitutes.

Eve Hari



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