50 shades of Sunday


Sundays are by far my favourite day of the whole week. I try not to think about Monday creeping on up on me, and I use it to relax and catch up on everything that got neglected in the week. This usually involves food shopping, cleaning the flat, reading and watching TV (WOW, my life is insane), but I find Sundays just have a different atmosphere and one that I like very much, as the general pace of life is slower.

Today was Valentines day which is also one of my favourite days. I feel with our busy schedules me and James don’t often spend a lot of quality time with each other, so today we dropped everything and just hung out. Obviously I had to beg him to take some blog photos of me and he stood in the cold and did this, quite the romantic.


Today I decided to go pretty casual, knowing we were spending a lot of time out of the house. We headed out for breakfast early, which was lovely as it is something we never really do unless we are on holiday. We then wondered into town. I got lost among everything I wanted to buy in Topshop, then we headed off to the Cinema to watch Deadpool, which I have to admit was laugh out loud funny and definitely worth the watch.

The trousers are a pair of my faves, I’ve had them a while, they are sort of a smart jogger and have the most lovely fit. I paired them with my grey polo neck from Topshop, which is the softest thing I own and perfect for days like today. I love this colour grey as it goes with pretty much everything. To be honest I just love grey, and often think I should buy less of it, but hey ho, I doubt this will change. To accessorise, I wore my grey River Island blazer coat and my brown rucksack from New Look to keep the look to a minimum.


I always dress down on a Sunday as I feel that is what Sundays are made for: minimal effort. This outfit was perfect for the temperatures in sunny Sheffield, although not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure it started to snow at one point.


I’d love to know how you spent you Valentines day, so drop me a comment.


Big Love

Eve x


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