Viva Las Vegas



It’s hard when in Las Vegas to not get completely caught up in the bright lights and the constant buzz of the strip, however there is so much more to this wonderful city than sex, drugs and rock and roll. I was lucky enough to spend a couple of weeks here at the end of the summer and had a host of opportunities to see parts of the city that may be missed by weekend revellers, and got well and truly stuck in to family life and american cultures. I wanted to do a post, to show what the city has to offer for everyone and to fall in love with the city just like I did.



  1. Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon could only really be described as breathtaking. It is a national conservation area located west of the city and is super easy to get to by car, or via excursion from the strip. I believe red rock canyon gets massively over shadowed by the great canyon understandably, with a lot of tourists not aware something so peaceful exists so close to the bright lights of the city. There are approximately 19 different set trails located around a 12 mile scenic drive, with carparks conveniently laid out at different points. We visited the canyon several times on my trip in the car and went on several of the trails with a 2 year old in tow, so many of them are really suitable for families with small children.


Given another opportunity I would to go horseback riding among the hills or hire a vespa to take on the scenic route in a bit more style, plenty of companies offer these, made easy with a  little google search. I really couldn’t get over the vast size of the place, it was pretty intense but so beautiful and if it wasn’t for the heat, you could spend hours here. It is also pretty crucial to be equipped, being so exposed in the hot Nevada sun can get dangerous pretty quickly if not prepared, make sure you have enough water to keep you going and suitable clothes.




2. Downtown Summerlin

Being in the West of Las Vegas a trip to Downtown and RedRock Casino is a must. It’s like a mini town centre with some fantastic shops for a relaxed afternoon of shopping. It is also equipped with lots of great places to eat and drink and spend lots of dollar. Macy’s was by far my favourite shop however, I also enjoyed having a look through some old american favourites such as Target and Boot Barn, which released my inner cowgirl. A shopping trip is also made a lot better with great music blaring from the rocks and palm trees lining your way.


Red Rock Casino was on the edge of Downtown and like all casinos in Las Vegas had pretty much everything under one roof. I think by far one of my favourite things on the trip was the all you can eat champagne breakfast on a Sunday for $20, absolute steal. We spent hours here, and I could definitely get used to bottomless champagne, with a waited filling up every time he saw an empty glass. There was every type of food you could imagine on such a large scale, its hard to imagine you could ever be hungry again.


3. The Strip

Off course no trip to Las Vegas is complete with out a day/night on the strip. This place is insane and everything you think it will be, where I am pretty sure anything is possible. A few things not to miss are the Bellagio fountains and the volcano/fire show at the Mirage hotel, we all loved these as a family, with the fire show going down a treat with my little nephews.


The casinos themselves are in sane, i’m not really a gambler but when in Vegas I felt it right to have a few goes on the roulette wheel, safe to say I won 0, so I quickly stopped and spent my money much more wisely on cocktails instead. The selection of shows on offer are hard not to miss, with posters advertising them everywhere, catering for all budgets. Me and my sister went to see ‘Legends In Concert’ a real feel good show perfect for a sing along and a little bit of nostalgia, and was one of the slightly cheaper shows at $46. Unfortunately our first choice Britney Spears wasn’t performing the back end of the month, so we missed out there.

I would also highly recommend the Voodoo lounge in the Rio as the views over Vegas when the sun has gone down is a pretty fantastic way to have a drink or three.


I think it is easy for anyone to fall in love with Las Vegas whatever your age whilst experience everything this city has to offer. You may however need another holiday to recover from this one.


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