Seventies Feeling

I have found that some of my favourite pieces of clothing have been surprise presents and not something I would necessarily find myself when shopping. That remains true for this gorgeous blouse I received as a christmas present this year and I couldn’t help but instantly fall in love with its seventies design and colour palette. I am one hundred percent one of those people that will wear their presents to death the minute Christmas has started, and afterwards I suppose as Christmas day is over so quickly *sob sob*.

I was on my way to the charity shop with a whole load of old clothes, shoes and books, as I had one of my rare sudden bouts of wanting to de-clutter a little bit. I think the New Year is a perfect time for this. I asked James to take a few snaps of my outfit when we were on our way out and I am particularly drawn to my cosy socks poking out of my boots. Not the most fashion forward but my feet were definitely cosy up in there.


One thing you I decided not to photograph for absolutely no logical reason, is the sleeves. They are divine and really floaty with really floppy cuffs, I think that is the right terminology…right? Anyway they are lovely and remind me of the sleeves I had on a top I used to rock from Tammy Girl when I was 13.

Cheeky little sock
Bag: Accessorize
Coat: River Island. Jeans: H&M. Top: Present
Coat: River Island. Boots: New Look

Unfortunately I’m not sure where the blouse is from due to it being a gift, but the internet is full of similar styles. I found this one in Asos that I also love and has a similar feel. Let me know what you think.

Have a wonderful New Year xxx


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